About Us

Legendary Friesians

In the heart of Columbia Falls, MT on a beautiful country side with breathtaking sunsets lies our beautiful Legendary Friesians Ranch.

Our mission is to provide, well bred, trained, quality and versatile friesians that perfom and excel with each passing year.

If you are interested in purchasing a Friesian from our ranch contact us at 406 858 0434

About Friesians

Friesians originated in a province in the Netherlands (Dutch) called Friesland. They are one of the most elegant horse breeds. Friesians are relatively uncommon within the United States, even though they are well known for their athleticism in events such as dressage. Majestic, regal and powerful, Friesians have certainly made their mark on the world. They are the most popular breed used in many movies.

Friesians have been around for hundreds of years started making there way to the US in the 1600’s. The breed was totally lost in the US due to crossbreeding until 1974. At Legendary Friesians we pride ourselves in making sure our Friesians are well trained and bred in accordance to FHANA regulations. Our Kroon Mare, Hendrika, was shipped from the Netherlands. Contact us to find out more about our Legends.